Wedding photography? Family portraits? Being a family man? 
Just what is Matt known for?
Maybe it's some of those things, but ultimately it's the way he makes you feel. Great photography is a by-product to what Matt delivers. Time after time customers tell him how it feels like they have known him for years because he is so friendly, cheerful, down-to-earth, honest and trustworthy. Once you have met Matt, you will agree that you will feel like you have made a new friend, his ability to draw you into his passion is inspiring. 
Matt exudes the essence of what great customer service is. Not only by delivering it, but by also inspiring those he works with to give even more in what they do, and be passionate about it!

About me

Yes, I'm a photographer, but I'm not just about delivering great imagery with warmth and passion but I'm also about delivering great customer service and coaching those who want to take their customer experience to the next level.

I’m a slave to content marketing so you don’t have to be!

I'm also a great problem solver, someone who thinks outside the box generating new and interesting ideas all the time to help benefit the project I'm working on.

By being freelance, this gives me the space to be creative and my clients the flexibility and confidence they need in a digital professional.

My favourite things...

• My family

• Spaghetti Bolognese and red wine

• That butterfly feeling you get in your stomach when you know you have an amazing picture

• People. Interacting with people, entertaining with people, making people smile and capturing it all through a lens just adds the icing to the cake!

• Oh, yeah… cake! Love cake! 

What's in my bag?

Macbook Pro

Canon 5Diii - my go to camera for all jobs

Canon 70D - my back up camera and main videography camera

Sigma F2.8 70-200mm VR

Canon F4 24-70mm

Canon F1.2 50mm

Peak Design Capture Pro

Canon ex430ii

Tons of memory cards!

Where to find me

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