Birmingham. The place I was born.

With a market history that stems back all the way to the 12th century, this city is steeped in stories. The history of the city certainly adds to the character of the place, but for me it's not so much the old history it's the people.

There are so many different people who call this city their home and place of work, and I'm sure that they, in one way or another, love Birmingham too.

I have spent many years photographing the ins and outs of the streets of brum, looking for that one picture that captures the essence of what Birmingham is about.

I haven't taken it yet.

For a photographer, or any artist, being able to articulate your thoughts and vision through art takes time, care and thought. So I sat back and began to think, how else can I look for that picture? How else can I see and capture what I feel. Then I realised, taking a single picture to tell this story isn't going to work. I need to start looking through the eyes of all these people who call it home too. So that's what I'm doing, a documentary that will capture the city.

#WhyILoveBirmingham - A simple photography project that can only happen with you, the people who love the city. I want you to get involved and tell me why you love Birmingham. And then, I'll capture what it is you love about the city in either film or photographs. If it's the culture, then I'll go out and photograph that. If it's the night life, I'll capture that too. It could be where you grew up or went to university. It doesn't matter... I'll capture it.

And as a thank you, what I capture is yours to keep!

How does it work?

I want this to be easy for you...

Depending on how much time you have available will determine how you can get involved. Here's how you can help...

• A recorded interview. We meet at a comfortable location, a coffee shop, where you work or even a park bench on your lunch time. I either film you or just record your voice (which ever you're comfortable with) with you answering the question 'What do you love about Birmingham and why.

• On location filming, where you and I tour the area you love with you being a part of the footage!

• If times really precious to you but still want to get involved, just send few sentences in an email answering 'what do you love about brum and why?' with the added detail where you may experience what you love about the city (so I can go there and get the footage).

Interested in getting involved? Fill in the form at the bottom of this page by clicking here!

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