Christening photography

Keeping in touch with mates from jobs you did years ago can be really rewarding.

I was a Kitchen Manager for a restaurant chain a few years back. The restaurant manager had recently gone off to have a baby so I stepped into her shoes. And yes, they were a little tight.

It was coming up to the summer and we were getting busier by the day, so we put an advert out for waiters and waitresses.

What's this got to do with a christening?

Alright, I know I'm waffling but I'll get to the point in a minute!

It was up to me to interview the potential recruits. And who walks in? Katy.

I sat down with her at 12pm for her interview, and when 2pm came, it was time to call the interview to an end. We got on really well. She was great, so I employed her!

Fast forward a few years and we have both left the catering industry but thankfully stayed in touch! When Katy found out she was having a little one, she decided to ask me to take some 'bump' pictures for her in the woods. To see those pictures, head over to the blog post here!

She was so chuffed with the pictures, she decided to ask me along to the christening! I couldn't refuse as I still yet to meet the little man (and the baby! - sorry, dad joke).

They had their christening ceremony at St Mary's Church in Wolverhampton with a party at the local for after!

One of my favourite images of the day was this one, when little James had clearly had enough of ebery one giving him kisses...

I have never met a baby so chilled out, even pouring that water over his head didn't faze him one bit.

Katy is getting married next year, and has booked me for the wedding, so we'll definitely be seeing more of this little family :)

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