Team away days ARE FUN! Despite the rumours!

I'm going to be honest now. I was slightly anxious about attending an away day with my colleagues earlier this week. Mostly because away days are arranged fun... which never works.

Usually your schedule is set, where you perform for some game that you haven't quite got your head around the rules of, in a sweaty, claustrophobic office/board room in some far flung place with the only thing to look forward to is some dry sandwiches.

Well. I couldn't have been any more wrong!

This is THE first away day I have totally enjoyed and got a real buzz off!

Our team is spread across the entire country, from the West Midlands all the way down to Southampton, so we all met in Bath, Somerset.

The task...

Get to know each other and build the team spirit.


Work in small teams completing a treasure hunt across the city of Bath. The only way you could prove you had completed the tasks? Take a photo! Was I in my element? Oh yeah!

I won't go into the whole scavenger hunt and tell you what we needed, but getting pictures of 3 men with beards, photographing the name of your business in an abstract way and singing to the public wasn't easy... but it was definitely fun!

We had a great time trying to find the places on our list of places to find. It was a real giggle, we all had some great fun! I haven't been working at this company for long (6 months in fact!) but I really feel welcomed here, even being nominated for 2 awards in our colleague conference!

I had a really great time with my colleagues, made some new friends... which is always nice! And, as you all know, I like to dabble in street photography when I get the chance, so here are a few pictures from the day...

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